Sic Bo Game Rules

Sic Bo is a casino game that is immensely popular in China, especially Macau. Sic Bo translates to “Dice pair” in Chinese and the game is played with three dice. Sic Bo has also spread to America and Europe where most casinos spread the game. Most Online casinos also offer the game if you want to play from the comfort of your own home.

Sic Bo is a relatively simple casino game with easy to learn rules. Three dice are rolled and the aim of the game is to bet on the outcome of the roll. You can choose to bet on single numbers, doubles, triples or a mixture of numbers being rolled. The payouts differ depending on the bet, the smaller the chance the bigger the payout.

There are many different bets in Sic Bo:

  1. Single number - Choose a number from 1-6. If this number occurs on one of the 3 dice you will receive 1to1 odds. 2to1 odds if it appears on 2 dice and 3to1 if all three dice contain your number.
  2. Pair - Betting on a random pair occurring, payout is 8:1 odds.
  3. Two number combo - Choose a two numbered combination. If this combination appears the third dice will be irrelevant and payout is 5to1
  4. 3 dice total bet - This is betting on any 3 dice total amount from four to seventeen. The payouts differ depending on casino and which total you go for so be sure to check.
  5. Hi/Lo - Bet on three dice total being in the high or low range. Low is any amount from four to ten. Hi is any amount from eleven to seventeen.
  6. Trips - betting on the exact three same numbers being rolled. For example 2-2-2. As its a long shot the payout is a hefty 150to1. If you bet on any random trips occurring though the payout is 24to1.

Sic Bo begins with the participants placing their bets. The dealer will then roll the three dice. The three numbers rolled are then declared with all winning bets paid out. it’s as simple as that.

To decrease the variance in Sic Bo  and higher your chance of beating the casino I would advise sticking to the bets with the smaller payouts as they will win more often. For example the odds for correctly predicting the correct trips combination is 150:1 but you may run out of chips before it comes in! The single number or two number combination bets offer worse odds but will come in more often. Ultimately the choice is yours but if you are new to casino games Sic Bo is a good place to start as the rules are easy to pickup.

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